Even while the Model 3, the most affordable model in the 2023 Tesla portfolio, is well-liked, 

it can't match the popularity of its bigger EV SUV brother, the 2023 Tesla Model Y. 

Not only is the Model Y outpacing the Model 3, but it is now the fifth best-selling car in the US. 

How unstoppable will this electric SUV be in 2023 then?

The best-selling electric car for 2023 so far is the Tesla Model Y from 2023.

According to sales projections, American consumers purchased 284,498 Model Y EV SUVs throughout the year's 

 first three quarters, which is around 60,000 more than the model sold in 2022 as a whole. 

Sales of the Model Y have exceeded those of the more expensive and poshier Model S and Model X,