The Tesla Model S is the company's main product, but sales of the model haven't been very strong so far in 2023,

which is terrible for Tesla. As of right now, it's doing worse than it did a year ago.

What is causing the 2023 decline? Now let's examine the figures.

Hard to believe, given the company's explosive growth, but just over ten years ago,

Elon Musk was not yet a social media tycoon and Tesla was a niche producer of sports cars

fewer than 2,500 Roadster models over the course of its five-year production run, according to Business Insider. 

available vehicle, the sedan-like hatchback Model S, has been largely responsible for its success.

Sales of Tesla Model S have dropped by more than 72% to 22,500 units so far in 2023 from 81,673 units